Welcome to Unity Church Gulf Shores and Orange Beach!

Welcome to a Spiritual CommUNITY…

Please join us for Sunday Services at 10:30am.  We're a church without walls and we serve our community by holding services in public locations such as pubs, restaurants, and parks.  We encourage a come-as-you-are dress code.  

Put on your Sunday-Go-To-Meetin' Flip Flops and join us!  We are currently holding services at Gulf State Park Beach Pavilion, 22250 Hwy. 182 (Perdido Beach Blvd.), one mile east of the fishing pier and zipline course. 

Spiritual seekers often say that Unity is like coming home. Unity is an open-minded, accepting spiritual community that honors all paths to God and helps people discover and live their spiritual potential and purpose. A positive alternative to negative religion, Unity seeks to apply the teachings of Jesus as well as other spiritual masters. Unity affirms the power of prayer and helps people experience a stronger connection with God every day.

Unity emphasizes the practical, everyday application of spiritual principles to help people live more abundant, meaningful lives. Although personal and spiritual growth come from within, most people appreciate learning, friendships, support and companionship along the way. Unity is committed to helping you find your own understanding—and experience—of God.